Experience the benefits of a Brisbane multi-head split system installer for yourself

Experience the benefits of a Brisbane multi-head split system installer for yourself

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Gregory Scurfield
July 1, 2022

We use DPS Air Conditioning for our rental property maintenance. Dane has been fantastic to deal with. Very responsive, high level of communication and attention to detail. Highly recommend.

Sonia Langlois
July 4, 2023

I would highly recommend Dane and his excellent team without hesitation. They are highly professional, and delivered results in a very timely manner. They go above and beyond and maintain a high level of communication throughout. Cannot say enough about these guys - they were just fantastic.

Llewellyn Siegman
July 12, 2022

I can totally recommend Dane and his team. They are prompt in arriving and will keep you informed with diagnosis and repairs cost.

Expert Brisbane multi-head split system installation

Looking for Brisbane multi-head split system installation? Stag Air & Electrical offers professional installation services for multi split systems from top brands like Fujitsu, LG, Midea, and Mitsubishi Electric. Our trained technicians ensure precise planning, handling of refrigerant gases, and personalized assessments to determine the ideal location and size for your installation.

With one outdoor unit, you can conveniently cool or heat your entire house, and zoning controls allow for customized settings in each room. Our ductless systems eliminate the need for invasive roof installations and maintain a low profile. Experience advanced climate control and energy efficiency with our inverter multi-head split systems. Contact us today for assistance.

  • Assessing refrigerant gas levels and providing regassing if necessary
  • Cleaning and maintaining filters for optimal performance
  • Testing thermostat accuracy and performance
  • Conducting fault finding and necessary repairs
Expert Brisbane multi-head split system installation
Need multi-head split system repairs?

Need multi-head split system repairs?

Are you the owner of a multi-head air conditioner in need of emergency repairs? Stag Air & Electrical can help with:

  • Faulty or damaged thermostats that fail to maintain the correct temperature
  • Refrigerant gas leaks resulting in a system that can't cool or heat the air
  • Dirty, damaged, or blocked filters and coils that impact performance
  • Faulty wiring and circuits and blown fuses that can be a safety risk
  • Worn-out compressor, evaporator, or fans that reduce system performance

One way to take responsible care of your multi-head split system is by performing your own annual filter clean between professional servicing. Filter cleaning helps maintain high air quality and a healthy environment at home. Additionally, by working around the air conditioner, you can spot any potential problems.

Always be vigilant for changes in performance, strange noises, odors, or signs of ice, which could indicate a refrigerant leak or other issues. Acting promptly can help keep repair costs down and prevent major headaches. Choose Stag Air & Electrical for your next Brisbane multi-head split system repairs. Contact us now!

Brisbane multi-head split systems FAQ

What is a multi-head split system?

What is a multi-head split system?

Most split system air conditioners, also known as reverse cycle air conditioners, provide both cooling and heating functions. The terms "split system" and "reverse cycle" are often used interchangeably to describe air conditioning units that offer both capabilities. It's worth noting that while most leading brands offer both heating and cooling functions as a standard feature, there are some dedicated cooling split systems available. Therefore, it is recommended to verify the specifications before making a selection to ensure the system suits your home and requirements.

What are the typical costs of multi-head split system?

What are the typical costs of multi-head split system?

The cost of a multi-head split system varies depending on factors like the brand and kilowatt capacity. Additionally, installation costs should be considered, including the number of indoor units required and their positioning within the home.

Split System vs. Ducted Cooling - What’s cheaper?

Split System vs. Ducted Cooling - What’s cheaper?

In terms of installation, split systems are certainly cheaper than ducted air conditioning. Both types of heating and cooling systems come with zonal controls so you will be able to reduce expenses there, however each one does have its own pros and cons. Energy ratings will also influence the price, as will your individual usage. Contact Stag Air & Electrical for quality advice on what will suit your budget and requirements best.

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